2017 Award Season

Once again, as Earth approaches perihelion and Dean Martin and the Andrews Sisters fill my Pandora playlist, it’s time for turkey dinners, warm hearth fires, and the annual award eligibility post.

This year, I have one story that I’m very proud of, and that has already received some pleasant buzz. “For All Mankind,” published in the July/August issue of Analog Science Fiction & Fact, is about the Apollo Program and the Tsar Bomba. It’s a good old fashioned “astronauts go out to save the world from approaching doom” story, but more than that, it’s about history and prejudice and two women who transcend ideology and culture to share the common bond of humanity. It is, I believe, as timely today as it would have been in the era in which it takes place.

Finland’s TPI Kirjat rated it “four star-plus,” higher than any other story published in 2017, of any length, and more than one editor or reviewer has told me it’s on their nomination list for the year. Here is some of the feedback it’s garnered:

“Meticulous and moving…quite an accomplishment…a Hugo Award worthy story.” – Rocket Stack Rank

“Real and well-told…a great story. Well done!”​ – SFRevu

“A fabulous, inspirational and beautifully human story … it made me proud to be a woman!” – Author Diane Prokop

“Enough emotional punch to satisfy anyone…reads like a Heinlein story.” – Reader Review

“Exquisitely written…It’s superb to find someone who can see through another’s eyes. This is how the world grows.” – Reader Review

Among other things, “For All Mankind,” is eligible for the Hugo and Nebula in the novelette category. For a limited time, you can read it for free here on the website, and I encourage you to share that link with anyone you think might enjoy it. Naturally, it’s also eligible for the annual Analog Analab reaer’s poll, which should open as soon as the January issue comes out.

And if you are one of the many kind readers to send words of encouragement this year, this post is your chance to make a difference. Please share, discuss, argue, debate, and nominate.

Cheers, and happy new year.