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  • I will not give or sell your information to others.
  • I will not knowingly alert alien civilizations to your presence.
  • I will not track your internet activity, even if I knew how.
  • I will take reasonable precautions with any information you share.
  • I will try to use your information only in a way you have agreed to. If I fall down on the job, let me know and I’ll fix it.
  • I will not spam you, in a box. I will not spam you with a fox. I will not spam you in the air. I will not space you anywhere.

I’m an author, a real live human being who, in this nutty, wonderful Internet world, is forced somewhat grudgingly to be an entrepreneur. You help me out by not stealing my stuff and by annoying all the peoples with glowing reviews and recommendations of my work, and I’ll help you out by doing my absolute honest best to deserve it.