By reader request, some of my art is now available on a variety of apparel, mugs, bags, beach blankets, stickers, and more. With competitive prices and orders fulfilled by TeeSpring,
you can support my writing and get your nerd fix at the same time. Now isn’t that a better deal than asking you to join Patreon?
Click any button to check out the whole collection on TeeSpring.


Some of my story illustrations and original art are available on canvas, as posters, and on other items too.

Beach Towels

Ready to throw in the towel? Save progress before the green dudes gets here! Available and shirts and stuff too.


We also have tights, socks, beach towels and all sorts of cool stuff!


A favorite from my Quora content: Radiation isn't magic death cooties. Support power through understanding.


NASA has a logo. Mars should have a logo too, right?


This lovely retro graphic celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landings. Available on a number of items, including shirts, bags, and mugs.