2018 Award Eligibility

In which I toot my own horn and you ignore me and get on with your life…

I really did have a fabulous year, a year in which I won second place in the Jim Baen Memorial Award contest, met Jeff Bezos and Harry Hamlin (and Spider Robinson) and stood in the spot where the great Edwin Hubble redefined our universe!

But look…free stories for a limited time only!

Novelette - Open Source Space



"Open Source Space"

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

July/August 2018

8,100 words.


“A cool little adventure story, and most of the fun is watching Kylie cope with one technical challenge after another...” – Rocket Stack Rank

“A fun, old-fashioned adventure with likable characters.” – SFRevu

“A well-written tale of adventure and true love.” – Tangent Online



Short Story - Measure Of Love


“A Measure of Love”

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

November / December 2018

3,900 words.


"This great story was told beautifully and had real heart. That’s one of the highest compliments I can give. I will be adding it to my Short List for Best Short Story Hugo. ” – SFRevu


“A gentle, affecting, memorable story with a pitch perfect ending.” – Goodreads



Non-Fiction - Taming The Genie

"Taming the Genie: How Fear of the Atom Threatens Our Future"

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

March / April 2018

4,300 words.


"Draws together all of the threads that swirl around the fears and potential of this misunderstood gift from nature." - Reader





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