Sentence Bio:
C Stuart Hardwick is an award-winning author of science and science fiction and a regular in Analog SF&F and other prominent magazines.

Paragraph Bio (100 words)

Stuart Hardwick is an Analog Magazine regular who’s won the Writers of the Future contest, the Jim Baen Memorial award, and the Analog Analab poll. An Air Force brat from South Dakota, he grew up on Black Hills treasure hunts and family stories like pages from a Steinbeck novel while making “radio shows” on an old tape recorder and animated shorts using Star Wars miniatures. He’s been translated into a dozen languages, published with Neil Gaiman, worked with the creators of the video game Doom, married an aquanaut, and has been known to wear a cape. For more and a free signed e-book sampler, visit www.cStuartHardwick.com.


In the style of Damon Runyan:

Well, I’ll tell ya, this C. Stuart Hardwick is a real operator, see? He’s got a way with words that’s just as smooth as a greased-up roulette wheel. He’s a scribbler, a spinner of yarns that’ll keep you hooked like a prize trout on a line. But don’t let his fancy talk fool ya, see? He’s got brains to spare, this Hardwick fella. He’s as sharp as a switchblade and twice as dangerous. He knows his way around science fiction and can spin a tale that’ll leave you with your jaw hanging low and your brain working overtime. And you wanna know something else? This guy’s got a heart as big as the moon. He cares about the world and the people in it, and he’s not afraid to tackle the big issues in his writing. So don’t underestimate this C. Stuart Hardwick, see? He’s the real deal, a true-blue wordsmith and a force to be reckoned with.

In the style of Stephen Fry:

Ah, C. Stuart Hardwick, a wordsmith of extraordinary talent and a man of many passions! His writing is a true feast for the mind, combining the best elements of science fiction and fantasy with an unbridled imagination that is uniquely his own. Hardwick’s work is marked by a rare combination of technical accuracy and literary flair. He has an almost obsessive attention to detail when it comes to scientific concepts, which he deftly weaves into his stories to create a sense of realism that is both compelling and exciting. But it’s not just his writing that sets Hardwick apart – he’s also a man of many interests and talents. He’s an accomplished software designer, an avid scuba diver, and a skilled photographer, to name just a few of his passions. His curiosity about the world around him is infectious, and it’s clear that his experiences and insights have had a profound impact on his writing. All in all, C. Stuart Hardwick is a true renaissance man – a writer, a thinker, and a doer. His work is sure to captivate readers for years to come, and his boundless enthusiasm for life is an inspiration to us all.

In the Style of Rod Serling:

Picture, if you will, a man of boundless imagination, whose words have the power to transport you to worlds beyond your wildest dreams. That man is C. Stuart Hardwick, a master storyteller in the tradition of the greats. His writing is marked by a sense of wonder and a deep understanding of the human condition. Whether he’s exploring the depths of space or the depths of the human psyche, his stories are always thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. C. Stuart Hardwick is a true renaissance man – a visionary artist and a dedicated explorer of the unknown. His stories are a testament to the power of the human imagination, and his life is a testament to the power of the human spirit. So if you’re looking for a journey beyond the limits of your imagination, look no further than the works of C. Stuart Hardwick.

In the Style of Serverus Snape:

Ah, Mr. Hardwick. Quite the wordsmith, is he not? Accruing honors and awards like nifflers around a spilled bag of galleons. His skill with the quill is indeed impressive, even by wizarding standards. But beneath that veneer of erudition lies a mind that is as calculating as it is ambitious. He is a cunning author, always seeking to capture the reader’s attention with intricate plots and well-crafted characters. And yet, there is a darkness within him, a shadow that he cannot seem to shake off. Perhaps it is this that gives his writing power, that makes it compelling to those who dare read it. But be warned, for Mr. Hardwick is not to be trifled with. He is a master of his craft, and he knows it. And though he may seem aloof and detached at times, make no mistake – he is always watching, always waiting for his moment to strike. So if you should ever find yourself in his crosshairs, be sure to tread carefully, lest you fall victim to his merciless pen.

Endorsements famous people never made:

  • “C. Stuart Hardwick: A writer so good, you’ll think he’s cheating.” – Muhammad Ali
  • “In a world of ordinary sci-fi, C. Stuart Hardwick is the one true superhero!” – Stan Lee
  • “C. Stuart Hardwick: Where every story is a journey to a whole new galaxy far, far away.” – George Lucas
  • “If you’re looking for a writer who knows how to boldly go where no one has gone before, C. Stuart Hardwick is your man!” – William Shatner
  • “Get ready to have your mind expanded and your world rocked by the incredible C. Stuart Hardwick!” – Oprah Winfrey
  • “C. Stuart Hardwick: A writer who never fails to take you on a rollercoaster ride of excitement, suspense, and pure imagination.” – Alfred Hitchcock
  • “C. Stuart Hardwick: A master of storytelling who knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.” – Stephen King
  • “For sci-fi that’s out of this world and writing that’s out of this world, there’s no one quite like C. Stuart Hardwick!” – David Bowie
  • “C. Stuart Hardwick: A true wizard of words who can take you on a journey through the universe without ever leaving your armchair.” – J.K. Rowling