Privacy Policy

What I Collect, How I Use it,
& How I Keep it Safe.

I’m an author, a real live human being who, in this nutty, wonderful Internet world, is forced somewhat grudgingly to also be an entrepreneur. Even if the law didn’t require it, human decency dictates that I — or any business — tell you what information I collect about you, how I use it, and how I keep it safe, so…

Basically, I just need the email address you’ve provided so I can send the newsletter options you’ve selected. If you’ve made an on-line request for a signed book, I keep your name for use in addressing future correspondence. If my newsletter management software thinks it knows the IP address you came from when you filled out a form, it tries to figure out what country you are in, and occasionally the city and state, and I might occasionally use that to target messages, say if I’m making an appearance in your area.

This information is stored in a database protected by login and encryption in accordance with customary cyber security practices. It is never given outside my direct control except A) to a reputable email delivery service, B) to a reputable advertiser, or C) when obtained as part of a group author promotion along with consent to share with the other authors in the group.

I will not spam you in a box. I will not spam you with a fox. I will not spam you in the air. I will not spam you anywhere. I do not like the spam, you see. Not even dangling from a tree.

You help me out by not stealing my stuff and by filling all the world with glowing reviews of and recommendations for my work, and I’ll help you out by doing my absolute honest best to deserve it.