Just Call Me Ferdinand

Well….No bike ride today.

That’s okay. By rough estimate, from March of 2020 at the start of lockdown till today, I’ve ridden:

  • March 1 2020 to June 1 2022, a minimum of 2 4-mile circuits per day: (791*16) miles.
  • About half of those days, at least 1 extra circuit: (365*8) miles.
  • Almost every day since June 1, 2022, 2 circuits (with makeup for missed days): (460*16) miles.

That’s 22,936 miles, conservatively. I only need to add in 2 extra circuits for 70 of those days–a not unreasonable estimate since for some time during lockdown I was routinely riding 5 circuits per day–to reach the circumference of Earth. Just call me Ferdinand.

Alas, metal fatigue is a thing, and the same aluminum alloy that makes this bike comfortable and light makes it a bigger thing, and every bike frame has a lifetime, as you can see in the photo. No complaints, the aluminum frame failed so slowly and the seat tube extended so generously down into the frame, I didn’t even notice the crack till I went to move the bike and the seat came off. I likely completed my last ride with the seat completely severed but held in place by my weight. That would not have happened with a composite frame, which would have weighed less, cost more, and dumped me unceremoniously on my head somewhere. I’ve already ordered a replacement bike.