Scam Prevention

SFWA Writer Beware:

The Author’s Guild scam list (Not an endorsement of the guild)L

Conventions & Workshops

Superstars (Kevin J Anderson’s business focused workshop. Short and affordable.):

Taos Toolbox: (Excellent writing workshop with Nancy Kress for more advanced writers):

Writers of the Future Forums (while focused on the contest, a good place to get to know lots of writers):

Critique & Mutual Aide

Critique Circle (well-run, free level):

Codex (huge mutual support community, free to join with pro sale or my invitation:

Critters Writers Workshop: (My first critique groups, not to my liking due to email orientation, but taste vary:



MailChimp (Super easy newsletter management with GDPR compliance and reliable delivery, free to start:

WordPress (Most widely used blogging & web site system in the world. What you create here can be ported to your own domain later pretty easily):

Weebly (Easy drag & Drop website creation. Not as big as WordPress but at least as easy for beginners):

Other Tools

GIMP (professional-grade open source graphics editor, with a bit of a learning curve, but powerful, platform independent and free):

CANVA (Easy online tool for creating slick graphics suitable for online PR and promotion):

Scrivener (An “Integrated Development Environment” for manuscripts):