Novelette - Open Source Space



"Open Source Space"

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

July/August 2018

8,100 words.


“A cool little adventure story, and most of the fun is watching Kylie cope with one technical challenge after another...” – Rocket Stack Rank

“A fun, old-fashioned adventure with likable characters.” – SFRevu

“A well-written tale of adventure and true love.” – Tangent Online



Short Story - Measure Of Love


“A Measure of Love”

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

November / December 2018

3,900 words.


"This great story was told beautifully and had real heart. That’s one of the highest compliments I can give. I will be adding it to my Short List for Best Short Story Hugo. ” – SFRevu


“A gentle, affecting, memorable story with a pitch perfect ending.” – Goodreads



Non-Fiction - Taming The Genie

"Taming the Genie: How Fear of the Atom Threatens Our Future"

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

March / April 2018

4,300 words.


"Draws together all of the threads that swirl around the fears and potential of this misunderstood gift from nature." - Reader





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