2021 Appearances

I will NOT be attending Comicpalooza this year due to the pandemic, or any other appearances for the first half of the year. AmadilloCon and Fencon…we shall see.

New Stories!

New stories coming!

Galaxy’s Edge Magazine: The Snows of Maxwell Montes – A cynic finds purpose in sacrifice on the harshest of planets.
Analog Science Fiction & Fact: Sample Return – A woman bets everything on a fishing expedition — into the clouds of Jupiter!

ArmadilloCon 2018

his weekend I’ll be at ArmadilloCon 40 in Austin: http://www.armadillocon.org/d40/ (August 3-5, 2018)

Guests of honor are:

Guest of Honor: Deji Bryce Olukotun
Editor Guest: David Pomerico
Toastmaster: Aaron de Orive
Artist Guest: Rosemary Valero-O’Connell
Fan Guest: Craig W. Chrissinger
Special Guests: Holly Black & Robert J. Sawyer

My schedule is:

Friday, August 3
During the day, I’ll be teaching in the writing workshop.
Space Operas: Reading Beyond the Expanse – Ballroom D
Saturday, August 4
Analog Switch – Readings by C. Stuart Hardwick & John K. Gibbons – Southpark B

Autographing – Dealers Room

Black Panther: The Power of Wakanda! -Ballroom D

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Ballroom E
Sunday, August 5
2018 Science: What’s New & What’s Coming – Ballroom D

Sale of Open Source Space 2

 I am delighted to announce my sixth sale to Analog Science Fiction & Fact.

“Dangerous Company” is the second in my Open Source Space series, and features the same replica Apollo lander debuted in that story, Open Source Space, out in the July/August 2018 Analog. When the copilot on a lunar test flight goes crazy, Christina Craft must brave the lunar wilderness, solve a decades-old mystery, and “science her way” to salvation.

Jim Baen Win

I just found out I’ve won the 2018 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award for my story, “Dangerous Company,” the second in my Open Space series. As a result, I’ll be going to the International Space Development conference, where one of the other honorees will be Amazon and Blue Origin founder, Jeff Bezos!

Sale of Open Source Space!

My third Jim Baen Memorial finalist, Open Source Space, has sold to Analog Science Fiction & Fact. I guess now I can say I’m a regular.

OSS is the story of a girl who goes into space to retrieve Snoopy, the derelict ascent stage from Apollo 10, and maybe avert World War III.


My story, For All Mankind, about the Apollo Program, the Tsar Bomba, and two women who save the world, appears in the July/August 2017 issue of Analog Science Fiction & Fact. Rocket Stack Rank calls it “meticulous and moving…quite an accomplishment…a Hugo Award worthy story.” And here’s the cover:

Comicpalooza 2017


Comicpalooza 2017 is upon us!

I will be in booth 2632, in the middle-rear of Hall C, smack in the middle of the convention center, right next to NASA:

It’s going to be a great year.Image result

This Felicia Day will be there talking about the new season of MST3K, cosplayers will abound, and there will be something for everyone, from celebrity audographs and photo ops to art, to “working” light sabers. If you’ve never been, come on out, it’s a thing to behold.


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