“Exquisitely written…its superb to find someone who can see through another’s eyes, this is how the world grows.” – Twitter

Reminds me of Asimov…

“Reminds me of Asimov, where a great story is woven in with scifi, and ends up being a great story, not just scifi…very very nicely written.” — Reader

“Meticulous and moving…quite an accomplishment…a Hugo Award worthy story.” — Rocket Stack Rank

“A very nice story, beautifully handled.” — Mike Resnick

“A rare prize…writing as poetry a la Ursula K. Leguin.” — Reader

“Made me really care about the characters, and my heart ached for them.” — Amazon review

“Powerful and moving” — RocketStackRank

“A beautiful story, perfect in form.” — Dave Farland

“Spellbound from the first word.” — Reader

“A sophisticated, complex writer. What a refreshing change.” — Michael Ben Zehabe

“Evocative and poignant” — Reader

“A dash of Bradbury, a smidgen of Clark, cloaked in hard science of a Niven or Heinlein… but your own voice.” — Reader

“Outstandingly evocative” — Reader

“This story really reached me. It lives in the zone somewhere between Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, Hickam’s Rocket Boys, and Heinlein’s Requiem.” — Martin L Shoemaker

“A poignant, mesmerizing story.” — Tom McNulty

“The best science fiction novel I’ve received in the past year—and I get quite a few.” — William Greenleaf