A Galaxy of Scifi Talent – And Me!

I am elated to announce that Galaxy’s Edge #14 is free to read on the website.


GalaxysEdge14-320My story, “Luck of the Chieftain’s Arrow,” appears in this issue alongside stories by Rebert Heinlein, Larry Niven, Nancy Kress, Greg Benford, Alan Dean Foster & more. Yeah. This stellar lineup is a testament to the work that Mike Resnick and his editorial partners are doing, and a reminder to me to keep up my efforts.

I am particularly proud to see my name right next to Heinlein’s. It was his short story, “A Tenderfoot In Space,” that I remember as one of my earliest literary experiences.

Please be sure to share and spread the word, and if you are a WorldCon attendee, remember me at nomination time.