Comicpalooza is Here!

My Comicpalooza Schedule:

Comicpalooza will be held at the George R Brown Convention Center in glorious downtown Houston, Friday May 22 through Monday May 25th, and it’s ALL ABOUT ME! Well, no. It’s not. Not at all. Not really. But I will be there, and you can come see me, and we can connect as human beings, or cyborgs, you know, as the case may be.

So here’s where to find me:

  • Friday at 4: Star Trek vs Star Wars. Rm21 352A w/ P. J. Hoover, Wayne Basta, Dom. D’Aunno.
  • Sunday 1-4: Signing and jawjacking at the Skipjack Publishing table.
  • Sunday at 4: Evolution of the Star Trek Franchise, w/ Rebecca Shwartz, Wayne Basta, Diana Dru Botsford, Marshal Ryan Maresca. Rm 3, 350B
  • Monday 1-4: Signing and Flamenco dancing at the Skipjack Publishing table (There will be no dancing).
  • Monday at 4: Scifi Writing on TV, w/ C.D. Lewis, Rick Klaw, Wayne Basta, Diana Dru Botsford. Rm 1, 350A

I’ll have copies of the Writers of the Future anthology and Galaxy’s Edge Issue 14 with Robert Heinlein on the cover. Skipjack will have copies of the two Tides anthologies, one scifi with a story of mine in it, one fantasy which I co-edited. Come by and ask us stuff. Cuz we like that. And bring a camera. And a smile. 😉