I just went to get cough medicine for my dog. Dogs take the same cough medicine as we do, guafinesin as an antitussant to loosen up the phlegm and dextromethorphan as a suppressant so they can rest without coughing up a lung. They can take human meds here as long as it’s carefully dosed using liquid medicine in a syringe.
No problem, only I had to go to three stores to find it in liquid form, because the first only sells cough syrup with acetaminophen (Tylenol) in it, and mixing meds like that is never a good idea, especially liver toxic meds when trying to dose a dog. Then the second store had the same, but also a bunch of baby cough syrup containing homeopathic “medicine”—-why is this still a thing?

Listen to me. THERE. ARE. NO. HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES. There are only medicines–chemicals shown to have a particular biochemical effect–and “snake-oil” anything else pretending to be medicine.
“Homeopathic medicine” is distilled water. Period. Sometimes it’s mixed with real, actual medicine to avoid lawsuits. Sometimes it’s soaked into a pill of sugar or filler to match the form factor of actual real medicine. Always, it’s just distilled water–born of a mistaken guess from before the dawn of chemistry and an industry of quakery that JUST WILL NOT DIE. These cough syrups for babies are syrup–concentrated sugar water. They don’t even put real, actual medicine in the bottle as an “inactive” ingredient as these quacks often do, because babies can’t complain that the crap ain’t working.
Only here’s the thing. If you need an antitussant and drink sugar water instead, you can get pneumonia and die. I’ve had pneumonia, and guafinesin is a big part of what saved me. I know whence I speak.
Now far be it from me to stop people who can’t be bothered learning science or history from enriching the homeopaths and denying themselves and their young the medicines they need. But my dog has a cough–and you’re in my way. Stop buying this shit.
And please, don’t even bother commenting how homeopathy is real and your daddy’s a grand master homeopathic mixologist or it cured you aunt Sadie’s hemeroids or whatever. I don’t want to hear it. If you believe in homeopathy, you’re wrong. Period. Now you have a choice: you can continue being wrong, or you can learn and grow wiser.